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Headshot Photographer
$149.95* Corporate Headshot at our Merchandise Mart Studio

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Having a great corporate headshot is of the upmost importance when it comes to your professional image.

For large groups we will shoot at your desired location
and offer special group pricing! Call for details.

*This is a 1-look session, one person, on our corporate gray or blue background with your choice of two retouched photos delivered online in seven sizes to be used for print or Web/Social Media.

"1-Look" This is photographer jargon that denotes the number of outfits you’d be photographed wearing during your headshot session. Most of the time a corporate client will only need a 1-look headshot session.

Prints can also be ordered through our website in a wide variety of sizes and paper types.

How to dress for your headshots

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  • 1J0J6644-S
  • 1J0J8171-S
  • 1J0J8208-S
  • 1J0J0847-2-S
  • CCP_4476-S
  • i-3VfR6Pm-S
  • 1J0J1957-S
  • i-6NcmNmG-S
  • i-6qkHrDD-S
  • i-BVH2q7f-S
  • 1J0J1974-S
  • 1J0J0550-S
  • i-c5psrpd-S
  • i-d4QWX8Z-S
  • 1J0J9822-S
  • i-Fws2tB4-S
  • i-G6bzdG6-S
  • i-gchNV5b-S
  • 1J0J9377-S
  • i-gW8XcCK-S
  • 1J0J6904
  • i-KGDwbnf-S
  • i-pw4TDFF-S
  • i-sCsSpvW-S
  • i-tjCJwmr-S
  • i-TthDmgH-S
  • i-vKkd7R9-S
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  • R-0047-S
  • R-0136-S
  • 1J0J9933-S
  • R-9966-S
  • R-9994-S
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